Wed, Aug 12, 2020

The limonene and beta-pinene help keep the spirits up and the mind focused, as this profile entourages into an all-purpose, daily driver toke.

G-Wagon is a cross between G6-Jet Fuel and Ghost Train Haze by Verano, and I think most of Maryland has jumped on the G-Wagon!

Bringing a mellow good mood, this daily driver of a strain has 20% THCA and a relatively even distribution between terpinolene, myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene and limonene.

Together this forms a synergy between the quintessential indica and sativa profiles, delivering a mellow potency that really allows this flower to shine as a maintenance strain throughout the day.

Now we all have our own ailments and various strategies for using our Cannabis products to accomplish our goals, and a maintenance strain is an often overlooked and undervalued tool that is nevertheless essential to a patient’s endeavors.

Many of us seek out profiles that specifically target a certain symptomology or promise access to a specific state of mind, which in turn leads us to hunting around for the various niche flowers across the market that match our needs. This is very fun and of course essential to the process of developing a Cannabis treatment regimen, but this can often be a difficult task to do efficiently.

This is where the G-Wagon pulls in – bringing a profile just subtle and versatile enough to touch on just about every type of symptom a Cannabis patient might encounter – with enough THC to do the trick, but not enough to impede the tasks of the day.

G-Wagon is a pleasantly mild and earthy smoke that can be puffed on all day to get through those moments when life might start to overwhelm you.

We often forget that stress is one of the most detrimental forces acting on our health, making a maintenance strain like G-Wagon invaluable. And I have seen many a Marylander turn to the G-Wagon for a break in the day.

Terpinolene tops off the profile, which ensures a decent amount of energy to keep the myrcene in check. Now, .29% myrcene is not enough to cross the threshold into couch lock land, but will absolutely synergize with the caryophyllene to provide a smidge of pain relief and additional anti-inflammation. The limonene and beta-pinene help keep the spirits up and the mind focused, as this profile entourages into an all-purpose, daily driver toke.

Able to gently touch all your needs, the G-Wagon is truly a flower for the coronavirus quarantine.

You can use it to endure the days of isolation, as well as combine it with your other more niche profiles to snowball their effects to new heights of relief.

Whether used as a reinforcement flower or a maintenance toke, Verano’s G-Wagon is the steady strain to keep you keeping on. Don’t forget to treat your stress and stay safe out there! Thanks again to Verano for providing the medicine we need to help us get through these trying times.

20% THCA
.47% THC
.127% B-PINENE
.034% CARENE