Tue, Jul 14, 2020

I was able to accomplish all of my tasks efficiently and pain free while enjoying an amazing tasting flower.

Rythm, traditionally known for their cartridges in Maryland, has stepped into the flower game and is hitting it out of the park!

As one of the only companies using glass packaging, their flower has been reaching the patients as a well-cured, high quality product.

This fact alone makes any of their flower worth tasting, however, the Black Afghan truly holds a special place as one of the most clearheaded pain relievers on the market. total 27.9% THC makes this flower among the highest testers in Maryland. But what makes Cannabis truly great is not its THC content, but rather the quality of the cure and what terpenes are part of the entourage. This batch of Black Afghan has almost 3.5% total terps, which indeed makes it one of the highest quality flowers around!

The Black Afghan stood out to me because of its unique combination of myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene and ocimene. The 1.67% myrcene is clearly the hero of this profile, dominating the other percentages and promising intense pain relief to the human lucky enough to consume it.
Myrcene is the most common terpene in Cannabis, but even so, this is quite a large percentage, as it accounts for more than 50% of the entire profile.

As a chronic pain sufferer, I vigorously seek out myrcene dominant profiles, but am always faced with the daytime conundrum of the inevitable couchlock effect that comes with high doses of myrcene.

The fact remains that I hurt all day, every day, and I have to maintain my job and lifestyle with as little disruption as possible – while still relieving myself of suffering.

Here, the .6% alpha/beta pinene cocktail allows for a solution to this situation in the sense that it is the terpene that essentially clears the fog of a high. When you are thinking about really robust, clearheaded and focused highs, you are typically talking about pinene dominant profiles.

WIth the Black Afghan, I was able to accomplish all of my tasks efficiently and pain free while enjoying an amazing tasting flower.

The hint of ocimene – a terpene that we need a lot more research about – really shifts the scent and flavor profile as well.

It was as if tropical flowers were blooming in a pine forest and competing for control of my olfactory senses, as the smoke engulfed my brain and spread throughout my body, easing tension and inflammation – but without clouding the mind.

I must admit, I smoked the entire eighth in one sitting because I enjoyed it so much.

The complexity of both the scent and the symptom relief really stood out to me and I am beyond excited to try more.

Much thanks to the growers at Rythm for doing what they do – the Black Afghan is some MD fire!

27.9 THC
3.49 total terpenes
1.67 myrcene
.5 caryophyllene
.5 pinene
.11 pinene
.31 ocimene
.1 humulene
.1 limonene