Sun, Jul 5, 2020

First tokes are sweet and punchy, with a mellow and light smoke that is light on the lungs.

SPICE UP your summertime buzz with Fermented Punch and inhale the sunshine with each sip of fruity fuel.


Summertime vibes in the PNW are all about mindset, with our wild weather shifting from June gloom to weekly sunshine. Luckily us Northwest natives know that getting high and staying positive is the trick to enjoying summer – because rain or shine – we’re getting outside.

The Fermented Punch is a perfect strain to fold into your summer routine, delivering a stoney and euphoric high that’s perfect for braving the outdoors.

A unique cross of OG Sour Kush and Purple Punch, this phenotype is beautiful and coated in crystals, taking the best of both parents to create a unique flavor profile and high. Opening a jar releases a fizzy and sweet Purple Punch flavor heavy on berry notes, followed by a lemon-fuel blast of OG Sour Kush – adding a layer of complexity to the syrupy Purple Punch and taking the cross up several notches in intensity and duration of effects.

We picked up a couple of Leafchief’s joint and flower jars, which include two prerolls for a four and a half gram jar that is perfect for sharing, or keeping all to yourself. The ability to get the flower in both bud and joint form is really convenient, and allows the consumer to choose instantly how they want to get high. Being that we love giant bong hits, the joints were saved for future adventures and a bowl was packed right away.

Tearing open a bud leaves fingers sticky and unveils a deeper, rich and creamy skunk flavor that teases the mind of highs to come. First tokes are sweet and punchy, with a mellow and light smoke that is easy on the lungs. This flower burns slowly, revealing fruity flavors until the last inhale, exiting with a heavy and euphoric indica high that will brighten up the day.

Leafchief is a new to 502 producer/processor in Port Townsend focused on feeding natural and organic ingredients to their plants, which are grown with love and hand-trimmed with an abundance of care for the final product.

With unique cuts available like Tropic Haze and Supreme Grapes in their fun to share joint and flower jars, this is a new farm that is worth the buzz.

Look for their tasty cuts and find the Fermented Punch at one of their partner retailers for your own stoney summertime experience!

24.4% THC | 2.11% Terpenes