Tue, Jul 14, 2020

“I’m an East Coast kid that made it my goal to surround myself with the best medicinal quality Cannabis possible over the last decade or so.” Hunter Cullen – Oregon Leaf Budtender of the Month

Grasslands Dispensary is situated just a few blocks from the heart of Eugene’s colorful Whiteaker neighborhood. Inside of the vibrant exterior walls sits an intimate bud room with compassionately-priced products. Everything is neatly organized behind a small, L-shaped counter, and while the shop is currently only accepting curbside pickup, staff like Hunter Cullen are there to provide attentive service and smokin’ deals.

How long have you been budtending and how did you first get into the industry?
Grasslands was my first legal weed job and I’ve been budtending here for a little over two years now. I’m an East Coast kid that made it my goal to surround myself with the best medicinal quality Cannabis possible over the last decade or so. I visited a few different recreational states and Oregon was hands down my favorite. Moving to Eugene and joining the industry here was a no brainer for me!

Who are some of your favorite producers and what products do you enjoy in particular?
Eugreen No-Till, Tao Gardens, Nelson & Company, Bo’s Nose Knows, Echo Electuary. Any product that is small batch is usually extra dank and a little more enjoyable.

Do you consider yourself more of a medical or recreational consumer? Why?
I started smoking Cannabis to deal with back and knee pain from playing sports. It quickly became a sleep enhancer, appetite stimulator and mood stabilizer. I honestly don’t think I could function without it now. I’ll always consider myself a medical consumer.

What makes a good budtender?
Someone that has vast knowledge about the products and strains you have on the shelf, but also will take the time to talk to a customer and find out what they’re really looking for in a certain strain or product. Sometimes a little patience goes a long way.

What makes Grasslands different? What do you enjoy about working there?
We consistently have the most compassionate prices in the state, while only trying to focus on having quality products on the shelf. We truly care about the customer’s experience and the value they receive. I love the staff at Grasslands – it’s fun being surrounded by like-minded people who are just as crazy about weed as you are.

What protocols have your shop adopted during the pandemic?
Delivery, curbside, limited customers, etc.) How has it changed your relationship with patrons?
We have strictly been doing curbside delivery during the pandemic to limit the exposure for both our patrons and employees. If anything, I would say our relationship with patrons has only gotten stronger – it’s awesome how appreciative and supportive some of them have been during these trying times.

As someone that serves the general public in a (relatively) young industry, there’s bound to be some misinformation. Are there any misconceptions that you’d like to see the Cannabis community do away with?
The thing that frustrates me the most is the emphasis on THC testing versus the lack of interest in terpenes that most consumers have. At Grasslands we do our best to educate everyone about the role that terpenes and other cannabinoids play, and that it’s not all about the THC percentage.

What do you enjoy most about budtending at Grasslands?
I love getting to interact with other stoners all day, haha. Smelling several different types of strains a day also never gets old for me. The other budtenders catch me with my nose in the jar quite a few times throughout the day.

What is your preferred method of consumption? 
I enjoy every method of consuming and they all have their own individual benefits, but I think smoking flower will always be my favorite. Something about the nostalgia that takes me back to 2010 when my love for Cannabis started.

154 Lawrence Street
Eugene, Oregon
(541) 505-9209