Tue, Jul 14, 2020

Extremely clean oil with a light terpy tang when eaten, which definitely makes the medicine go down easier.

From soil to oil, Rick Simpson Oil is the purest expression of the plant extracted into a beautiful substance that can be used for medicine, recreation and enlightenment.


Much of today’s legalization movement can be traced back to the legacy of Rick Simpson, an activist and early Cannabis extractor whose namesake oil has saved or changed countless lives. Known more commonly today as FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil), RSO is an alcohol extract that captures a broad spectrum of cannabinoids into a highly potent oil.

The Leaf has been enjoying JV Ranch products for several years, and was no doubt excited to see the strain specific Johnny Vanella limited edition series of RSO and distillate.

The RSO comes in sativa, hybrid and indica varieties that each carry unique medicinal values. Being adventurous and in need of some heavy cannabinoid therapy, we decided to try all three!

Taking RSO is as simple as squeezing out a rice-sized little bubble of oil onto a finger or edible item. This oil isn’t for smoking – it’s for eating! While you can pay for a company to prepackage the oil in a capsule, squirting a little onto a snack is much more cost effective.

The first thing we noticed was the taste, or rather, the lack of it. This is extremely clean oil with a light terpy tang when eaten, which definitely makes the medicine go down easier. Effects hit quickly and last for hours, especially in the higher doses. The effects matched the strains well and all three samples we tested were high in CBG, which is great for mood elevation.

For those seeking higher doses of Cannabis or borderline trippy experiences, look no further than a vial of this oil for a cost effective and potent high. Whether you want a basic RSO treatment or want to cut out sugary edibles, this oil is a great way to try out Cannabis and get a healthy dose of cannabinoids at the same time!


Blue Magoo Hybrid
71.88% THC 3.7% CBG 1.4% CBN 1.4% CBD
Bluniverse Sativa
71.93% THC 3.5% CBG 1.2% CBN 1.5% CBD

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The Herbal Garden Tacoma
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