Sun, Jul 5, 2020

What’s more leisurely than unwinding on the couch, kicking your feet up and consuming Cannabis simply by pressing a button? You let us know when you find out…


UNTIL THEN, we highly recommend you grab a unit or two of our concentrate of the month, W Vapes’ CO2 cartridge collaboration with Ripped City Gardens – Quad Dawg. This superb cross of Chem Dawg 4 x White Dawg OG offers a broad array of terpenes and effects.

W Vapes exceeds expectations in a major way by including a terpene wheel that details the exact percentage of Cannabis-derived terpenes per product, neatly tucked away in their packaging.

This particular cultivar tested at 33% limonene, 25% beta-caryophyllene, 10% beta-myrcene and 10% linalool – just to name a few!

By utilizing the method of supercritical CO2 extraction, W Vapes pulls other additional cannabinoids aside from THC, including CBD, CBN, CBC and CBG, offering a powerful full spectrum effect that is unparalleled by other extracts.

Owner-operators Alex Gallagher and Jason Woodward constantly challenge themselves to step outside their box of comfort, going out of their way to source high quality starting material to yield a high end extract.

These two keep an ongoing list of strains that they are looking to source, based on their incredibly unique terpene profiles.

By prioritizing oversight on the gardens’ growing mediums and practices that they work with, this helps ensure that W Vapes brings you the cleanest and flavorful extracts possible.

Using one of W Vapes classy gold vape batteries, I took a handful of drags, experiencing a massive burst of flavor.

Notes of lemon and pepper left my palate dancing, attributed to the limonene and beta-caryophyllene terpenes. This select blend of terpenes greatly aided in my anxiety, helping take some weight off my shoulders.

If you are looking for a strain-specific, small-batch, single-source cartridge, then W Vapes is the right company for you.

Keep an eye out for their other collaborations including Silver Hawk with Yerba Buena, The Church from East Fork Cultivars, and Violet Phyre by Phyre Farms.

4.9% THC
1.05% CBD


Notes of lemon and pepper left my palate dancing, attributed to the limonene and beta-caryophyllene terpenes.