Sun, Jul 5, 2020

TASTY and EFFECTIVE – making them a solid choice for anyone looking to get a little baked from an edible.

It’s the little things that make life worth living, and there’s a glorious yet simple pleasure to enjoying a piece of hard candy that delivers a happy Cannabis buzz.

Every time I eat a Jolly Rancher or a Cannabis infused hard candy I’m taken back to my childhood, when a day could become instantly better with a little sugary treat. With the addition of Cannabis into hard candy by Kreative Konfections, that’s how every day as an adult can feel.

Hard candies are an effective and simple way to eat Cannabis while getting the recreational or medicinal relief needed, and for most situations, simple is better.

While these little bites aren’t gourmet cooking, they are tasty and effective – making them a solid choice for anyone looking to get a little baked from an edible.

We loved the bright orange blossom and citrus flavor of the Orange Divine candy as it delivered a 10mg dose while out running errands, allowing for this writer to get high with discretion and take daily stresses down several notches. Made with full spectrum oil, these candies have a well rounded and powerful high.

The best part about the Kreative Konfections hard candy is the price point. By keeping the ingredients and packaging simple, there are no extra costs passed onto consumers – making for a sweet buzz that doesn’t hurt the wallet.

Look for their delicious flavors like Orange Divine, plus strawberry, raspberry and peach options. They’re all delicious and are perfect for enjoying behind a mask during these strange times. Or, just to make a simple day into a special one.