Sun, Jul 5, 2020

“Moments after taking a dab I noticed my mood was elevated and my senses were amplified.”

California’s Guild Extracts is an award-winning operation that combines artisanal values with some truly dazzling extracts. While Guild has produced an impressive array of items over the years, it’s difficult to quantify just how unique their latest offering truly is.

Testing at 99.667 percent, the brand’s THCA crystalline extract is an undoubted alien beauty. In terms of consistency, these clear crystals seemingly have nothing in common with other Cannabis extracts – at least at first glance.

The true magic of Guild’s THCA is only unleashed through decarboxylation, in which a weed diamond is heated (often by means of a dab) to a temperature that activates the THC within. Once that happens, you’re hitting something roughly four times as potent as most flower. One of the craziest parts about taking a dab of THCA, however, is that the normal guidance we rely on from terpenes is entirely absent.

Instead, the taste of these crystals is almost imperceptible. This is neither good nor bad, although consumers who enjoy a rich terpene profile are advised to add a bit of terpene extract or flavorful shatter if a more robust taste is preferred.

In either case, Guild’s THCA diamonds pack a powerful punch. This is a ‘cancel your plans and open Netflix’ level of stoned, although there is a notably serene mental clarity that comes with a more controlled consumption.

If there’s one thing to be wary of with this extract, it’s the price point. At $100 per gram, Guild’s THCA certainly isn’t cheap (although it is comparable with the cost of other high-end extracts).

Regardless, this extract is arguably best enjoyed as a special treat – especially given its impressive quality and unique properties. Kudos to the wizards at Guild who continue to push boundaries in the extract world.

review by WILL FERGUSON/OREGON LEAF | photo by Daniel Berman @bermanphotos