Sun, Jul 5, 2020

“Being able to meet different people from all over the globe is really special.” Angelo Chavez – California Leaf Budtender of the Month

When was the first time you can remember being around Cannabis?
I was around Cannabis at a young age, as my older brothers used it but always kept it low key and away from me. But I knew.

How did you wind up slinging buds at one of San Francisco’s top dispensaries?
Before working here at Urban Pharm, I enjoyed visiting San Francisco’s dispensaries because of all the different products and strains they carried. One day I noticed the buses, specifically the 14, had a purple wrap decal with a big weed nug on one side and a dab rig on the other side. That bus wrap easily caught my attention and I ended up visiting the shop. I enjoyed the decoration and chill workers, and all the customers in the lounge were very friendly.

Later on as I was job searching, Urban Pharm had a posting about a position opening up for the Dab Bar, which at the time was the only shop that had one.

I applied and within a week I was working for Urban Pharm. 4/20 was the debut of the Dab Bar and it was unique serving dabs to people.

I then worked my way up to budtender and my knowledge of Cannabis grew. It is a blessing and a privilege to work in this new industry where people before me were incarcerated for doing the same thing I am doing.

What’s your favorite aspect of the job?
My favorite aspect of the job is being able to speak about Cannabis to people! Urban Pharm gets the full spectrum of customers, from the young 21-year-olds, to the 9-5 workers, to the elderly. Being able to learn from the industry’s top brands about their product allows me to have knowledge and information to help me with my job duties as a budtender. In return, being honest and clear will keep people wanting to do business.

How has this plant influenced or affected your life outside of work?

The Cannabis plant has done wonders for my life outside of work! Being able to meet different people from all over the globe is really special. Also, when my family found out about my job, it allowed me to share the products I enjoy with them. It made me closer to my family and friends as well.

If you could pick only one form of consumption to enjoy for the rest of 2020, what would it be & why? It would be to smoke a sweet aromatic Backwood rolled up with Triple Scoop Gelato from Triples SF. I choose to smoke instead of vaping or edibles because I feel the effects faster and can taste the strain. Also, smoking is the general standard of consumption for Cannabis.
For some reason, I like to keep the culture of passing joints/blunts to homies.

What makes a dispensary stand out to you?
Their staff. Before working in the industry, I always went back to the shops with knowledgeable budtenders and nice security guards. All shops in San Francisco sell weed, but not all of them have welcoming staff.

Favorite product on the market right now?
VET CBD. I personally do not own a pet, but I have close friends and family that regularly buy it for their pets. It is a really amazing product created by a licensed veterinarian. Even though humans don’t take it, the fact pet owners come back, buy it again and swear up and down about the product just shows Cannabis can improve someone’s life one way or another.

Urban Pharm
122 10th St. San Francisco, CA

(415) 872-9488