Sat, Aug 8, 2020

They designed the tart cranberry and sweet grape flavors to pair perfectly with the naturally occurring terpene profile of their Gawd Dawg-derived full spectrum extract.


50mg THC | 1 GUMMY


“Take The High Road” is the Mule Extracts motto and we definitely learned why after trying one of their 50mg cranberry white-grape full spectrum gummies. Coined “Ripped City” as an ode to the perseverance and camaraderie found in the beloved city of Portland that means so much to this local family owned company, stoke levels were high for this strain specific sweet treat. This particular selection contained a 50/50 hybrid known as Gawd Dawg – bred by Gage Green and grown by Potent Farms. One special note about Gawd Dawg is that it is known to smell and taste like freshly picked grapes!

Those who consume gummies regularly tend to get excited about creative new flavors and Mule delivers in this department with class and elegance. They designed the tart cranberry and sweet grape flavors to pair perfectly with the naturally occurring terpene profile of their Gawd Dawg-derived full spectrum extract.

The taste of Cannabis is readily present, but in a wholly appropriate and non-intrusive way. Many play a game of masking flavors instead of complementing them – but not Mule. When done properly, the right combination of terps and natural fruit flavor will bring your taste buds on a serious joyride.

Before I knew what happened, a full 50mg gummy had disappeared in a burst of explosive bittersweetness and satisfying chewy texture. Whether you like to nibble off small pieces at a time by utilizing the 5mg pre-cut squares, or pop the whole thing at once, the girth of this gummy allows you to savor the rich, firm, yet soft texture all the way through each bite. The white grape delivers an expansive wholesome aftertaste as the initial bitterness of the cranberry wears off. All the while a warming taste of terps softly lingers in the background – sending a friendly message to your brain to prepare itself for a pleasant sensation.

I sat and contemplated while the high began elevating after 20 minutes. Before long I felt like I had just ripped back-to-back dabs of some fire live resin. The high was intense and focused, followed by a buzzy and euphoric numbness of my extremities. I actually wish I had utilized the perforated edges and saved some for later! I say that because 50mg felt like 80mg, which was a bit unexpected, but welcomed with open arms.

The secret behind Mule lies in their low temp, low pressure, manually extracted artisanal CO2 oil. Using a massive state-of-the-art grinder allows them to regulate the size of material down to the micron level, while keeping the flower cold.

Avoiding heat helps retain the natural plant oils and terpenes.

Also incorporating an extensive winterization process, Mule’s variable extraction technology uses a combination of 15 different filtration techniques that preserve a full bodied and accurate flavor profile, without compromising the end product. Mule states that this is the stage of the process where others have been known to add artificial flavors and additives to the plant – something they proudly stand against.

Their unique and intensive method explains why the potency of this gummy stands above average. Each one is substantial in size, probably about 3.5x the volume of an average single serving gummy. Retrospectively, we became even more impressed with the price and value. At $6.00 apiece and containing 10, 5mg pre-cut servings, Mule Extracts offers an affordable and hard-hitting candy with a high potential of improving your day.


REVIEW by BARRON WOLFE @barron.wolfe | PHOTO by DANIEL BERMAN @bermanphotos