Sat, Aug 8, 2020

“I love to cook and do so with Cannabis regularly – including everything from lattes to bison burgers infused with CBD and THC.”  Jeremy Felton – Maryland Leaf Budtender of the Month

How did you first experience Cannabis?
15-years-old in the middle of the night at a park near my hometown. Smoking out of an apple with my cool friends and feeling cool, you know.

We know you recently received an awesome promotion at Oregon Euphorics. Could you share some details about landing this role and maybe a few words about what makes your shop unique?
Yes! I was offered the position of dispensary manager. I’m lucky to have landed a job with a company that is expanding quickly, and I think part of it was being in the right place at the right time, and part was having a strong work ethic.

Oregon Euphorics is definitely unique. When you walk into our shop it doesn’t scream “Weed!” We have taken a different approach in hopes to make a wider variety of people feel welcomed.

Recreational Cannabis has only been legal in Oregon for about five years, so I’ve found that many people from earlier generations or customers new to using Cannabis can get a bit overwhelmed/uncomfortable walking into a dispensary with a strong ‘stoner’ atmosphere. Also, we aren’t a superstore that carries every product on the market. We are a locally owned, neighborhood dispensary that puts a lot of effort into curating our selection with specialty, high quality products.

What are your secrets to success?
Work hard, network, positivity, keep learning, ask questions, get out of your comfort zone, be adaptable, learn from your failures/rejections, set goals and be persistent but flexible with your timeline.

Are there any inspiring Cannabis-related highlights of your life story that you’d like to share?
I don’t know about inspiring necessarily, but Cannabis did allow me to get off multiple prescription drugs nearly four years ago and I’m grateful for what it has done for me. Each person is different and the effects that Cannabis can have are expansive, but it’s an alternative avenue that I would encourage many to try if they’ve ever felt compelled.

What is your most embarrassingly epic stoned moment?
Many embarrassing ones, but one that came to mind was smoking on the hammock with my sister in the middle of the night and accidentally flipping ourselves. We hit the deck hard, and I looked over and had somehow saved the bong – holding it up safely. But I was so stoned that I forgot I wasn’t alone, and when I rolled to my other side and saw her I was like, ‘Wow! You’re here too!?’ I like to think we’ve all been there.

What is your message to young people aspiring to make a career for themselves in this industry?
Be professional from the beginning. If you’re passionate about Cannabis and people, this industry is incredibly fun and rewarding to work in, but professionalism still has a place here. It is one of the most heavily-regulated industries and you need to present yourself in a way that employers feel they can trust you with that responsibility. Start learning more about Cannabis during your downtime because there is a lot to learn. Networking is huge. Get your foot in the door of the industry in whatever way possible, and once you’re in, talk to people about your goals within the industry – you never know who you’re talking to or where there are other doors waiting to be opened. Lastly, I would say be enthusiastic and open to different opportunities. This industry is still new and is growing and changing constantly. I promise any skills you already have also have a place in the Cannabis industry!

What’s your favorite strain and when do you like to smoke it?
That’s a tough one because I love different strains for different reasons! If I had to pick one I would say MAC #1 because it’s euphoric but calming, and is good to smoke at any time. But, anything by Deschutes Growery is where it’s at.

What are your career goals within this industry?
My short-term goals are to continue learning more about this plant and meeting great people. Long-term goals, I would love to be working on the chemistry side of the industry, whether in extractions, analytics or research and development. I held myself back for years from working in this industry because I was afraid that it would ruin future employment opportunities. However, after graduating in December, I relocated to Bend and finally took a leap of faith and entered the industry with hopes to someday combine my passions for Cannabis and chemistry into a dream career.


Oregon Euphorics is nestled in the beautiful and fairytale-like Westside of Bend. Tucked behind a small industrial development which includes a commercial brewery, two pubs, a barre studio and a music venue, Euphorics caters to a corner of town that expects the best of everything and they deliver accordingly. This at first glance thoughtfully decorated shop exceeds in quality in all areas, but upon further inspection their flower selection is what stands out the most, as their sister company Deschutes Growery has a reputation for excellence. With gifted staff like Tuesday Hanson – who manages this location as well as supports the grow – it’s no wonder this exciting company has such a loyal and loving customer base in Bend.

Oregon Euphorics
70 SW Century Dr #170, Bend, Oregon
(541) 213-6724